This museum is a living collection that changes every time somebody brings
something in. We don’t throw things away out here. Everything you see has
been donated. The Museum is dedicated to preserving the story of the Pleasant
Valley. From fossil and mastodon displays to Indian artifacts and the personal
belongings of the pioneer families, and the saga of oil, sheep, and cattle is told
through the lives of the men, women and families who made it all happen. The
lush San Joaquin Valley was a vast, inland sea, creating fossil beds around
Coalinga that are among the largest in the world. The museum is home to a
survivor of that period, a petrified snail, 15 inches long, 11 inches high and 13
inches wide. The museum occupies a space that once housed the first Baker Oil
Tools machine shop. Mr. Baker purchased the former livery stable in 1918 so he
would have a place to work out his equipment designs. It was on this floor that
he would get down on his hands and knees with a blacksmith named Herman
James (Helen Cowan’s Father) and drew his plans in yellow chalk. The Baker
Foundation offered the old tool shop to the city for use as a museum in 1958.  In
1961 the Museum officially opened. The original by-laws of the museum reflect
the pioneering spirit of Coalinga.

*Sell only items made in and around Coalinga; try to avoid applying for
government grants so as to retain our independence; the public comes
try to keep the museum open every day; let people feel and touch the
exhibits; keep the cost of the annual dinner to minimum.*

The R.C. Baker Memorial Museum is a collective memory of a community that
helped fuel the American century. It is about the people who worked the land
and created a spirit that has survived  both the good and bad times. It is about
Mastadon in Museum found in Kettleman Hills
Inside Museum
Kitchen inside Museum
R.C. Baker Memorial Museum, Inc.
Buffalo Head
RCA Dog-Nipper
Piano, Inside the Museum
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up tours/visting the Museum.
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